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Featured image China’s panda population on the rise
China's most recent survey of the panda population estimates that 1,864 pandas now live in the wild. That’s a 16.8% increase since the previous survey, which was released ten years ago.

Earth Hour City Challenge Winner: Vancouver!
Congratulations Vancouver for being named Canada’s Earth Hour City Challenge capital for 2015!

Polar bear footprints point to the Last Ice Area
We still have a lot of work to do to prove to everyone’s satisfaction that the Last Ice Area needs special conservation measures.

Chasing narwhal: Top Arctic wildlife sightings
Last August, WWF’s Jacqueline Nunes joined a research expedition to Ellesmere Island to study narwhal, the “unicorns of the sea.” Read about her journey all throughout Polar Bear Week.

Ten cool facts for International Polar Bear Day
Let's celebrate International Polar Bear Day with ten cool facts about the largest bear in the world!