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Featured image When I Go Wild, people and nature thrive
Tell David Miller and WWF your best ideas for engaging with nature in your community and win $1,000.

Betting on Green Energy at OLG
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is participating in Earth Hour for the fifth year in a row and demonstrating their support of renewable energy by choosing Bullfrog Power for its websites too.

Go Wild with WWF-Canada Staff!
WWF-Canada staff share their best ideas for getting people to both enjoy nature in their community and take action for conservation.

Finding the spirit of the Great Bear
Filmmakers Jeff and Sue Turner, along with daughter Chelsea and their son Logan, follow the trials and tribulations of a spirit bear mom and two cubs in the Great Bear Rainforest as she tries to find food for her family whilst keeping them safe.

Earth Hour 2015: 10 reasons why climate change is the issue of the year
Earth Hour 2015 is nearly upon us and this year, more than ever, we’re thinking about why we turn off the lights: climate change.

Record low Arctic sea ice a concern for all Canadians
Winter sea ice in the Arctic has hit a new record low this year, according to information released today from the American-based NSIDC.