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Featured image Essential fish populations crash by 50%, finds WWF’s Living Blue Planet Report
Today, WWF released its Living Blue Planet Report, a special report studying how overfishing, damage to habitat and climate change are dramatically affecting our oceans.

Asking the cold hard questions about the future of the Arctic this election
We're asking all federal candidates in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut to share their positions and commitments on the future of development in the north. Here are the responses we've received.

Nine facts that keep blue jays soaring
Here at WWF we love blue jays – both the birds, and the team! To celebrate the start of the playoffs, we wanted to share some facts about the birds to show why there is no better mascot!

October 2015 Photo Contest: Autumn
Your creativity behind the camera lens could win you bragging rights! Enter the WWF Photo Contest and your photo and name could be featured in next month’s e-newsletter.

Five steps to a smarter, sustainable office
How to reduce your office’s IT footprint and save money: Take the Smart Office Challenge!

A moment of silence for the Arctic
Royal Dutch Shell’s announcement that it has abandoned oil exploration in offshore Alaska means the Arctic is better off today and “for the foreseeable future”.