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Featured image Canadians in electric cars getting silly
First Dates features WWF-Canada President and CEO, David Miller, exploring Toronto’s hidden green places as he cruises around in a state-of-the-art electric vehicle with cool Canadians. His dates? Executive Chef Susur Lee, comedian Mark McKinney, and TV personality Jessi Cruickshank.

Six gifts that give back this holiday season
Gifts to feel great about giving this holiday season!

Spotlight on the snow leopard: Distribution and population
Rinjan Shrestha, a conservation scientist with WWF, has been studying snow leopards for the past 10 years. Join him in a special six-part blog series on the snow leopard, the most mysterious member of the world’s big cats.

International Volunteer Day
December 5th is International Volunteer Day. At WWF-Canada, our work would not be possible without the commitment of all of our amazing volunteers!

Remembering Graeme Loader through photography
Exceptional Community Panda, Graeme Loader's legacy and passion for photography will be honoured by launching the Graeme Loader Photography Board, an online community to share the beauty of the natural world as captured by WWF supporters.

Marilyn and Jonathan Baillie talk about how to save a species
Marilyn and Jonathan Baillie, authors of How To Save a Species, talk passion, fascination, and concern for conservation and nature.