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Featured image Living Planet Report: Act today to stop species decline
WWF’s Living Planet Report 2014 shows significant species decline and calls for action to reduce human demand on the planet

Canada should use the Polar Code to stand on guard for communities
WWF looks for Canadian leadership on the Polar Code: Nunatsiaq News opinion editorial

5 Steps to hosting your company’s Smart Office Challenge!
Some tips for hosting your own Smart Office Challenge!

New report shows need for better policy on Arctic shipping
Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development reports on shortfalls in Arctic marine navigation, highlighting major risks

A rallying call for Canada’s Freshwater
This past weekend several members of WWF-Canada’s freshwater team attended the Living Waters Rally 2014.

Up close and personal with belugas in Churchill!
Did you know belugas are sometimes called "canaries of the sea"? Find out why and learn how you can experience the beauty of belugas in the wild with WWF.