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Featured image Sweaters wanted to help fight climate change!
Get ready, because National Sweater Day 2015 is fast approaching!

Workplace fun for National Sweater Day
Put on your wackiest sweater on February 5 and pledge your company’s participation in National Sweater Day! Lower your office thermostat by at least two degrees and get employees engaged in learning about energy conservation.

When any news is good news for oceans
If lack of awareness is part of the problem, then any news about the ocean is good news – even when the news is bad.

Celebrating Ricoh Canada’s support for healthy waters
Vancouver skies were clear and sunny over beautiful Stanley Park on Friday, as eager kindergarten students from False Creek Elementary helped kick-off the first shoreline cleanup of 2015.

Turn down the heat, turn up the fun!
Students and teachers can join in on the fun with these cozy National Sweater Day ideas!

Five reasons to participate in Spring Things 2015
Is your organization looking for an exciting way to engage employees while creating positive environmental change? If so, WWF’s Spring Things 2015 campaign is the perfect idea for you, and we’ll tell you why.