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Featured image Working together for water: the Loblaw Water Fund
The Loblaw Water Fund is a new granting program for charities working in watersheds across Canada. The fund will help ensure that Canada’s waters become and stay healthy, making them available for all to use and enjoy.

Just a fluke? The rush to downlist humpbacks while other whales wait for help.
The “downlisting” of Pacific humpback whales from “Threatened” to “Special Concern” caused a media sensation this week. Like many, we wonder why humpbacks were singled out for quick action while other whales at risk await better protection.

Why should you take your class outdoors?
From more engaged students to a closer bond among classmates, these six teachers explain why it’s so important to get outside this spring.

How healthy is the LaHave River?
WWF-Canada’s Freshwater Health Assessment paints national river health picture

Haida Ethics at the Heart of New MaPP Marine Plan
A visionary draft marine plan to guide ocean uses surrounding the islands at the outer edge of Canada’s Pacific is rooted in Haida ethics and values.

Information shortage for one Canada’s largest rivers, the Liard
How healthy is the Liard River in Canada’s north? We can’t be sure without more data