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Featured image What’s next, after historic signing of Paris agreement
Once the agreement is signed and ratified, countries need to start set targets and create regulations and laws to meet them.

WWF calls for Arctic ban on dirtiest shipping fuels at international meeting
The push to eliminate the use of heavy fuel oil by ships in the Arctic took a small step forward last week in London when the shipping industry’s global regulator, the International Maritime Organization.

The missing link to healthy waters in Canada
Atlantic Canada has seen an incredible increase in the number of community-based water quality monitoring programs in the past decade. The challenge is to grow standardization and collaboration between organizations to feed into the big picture of healthy Canadian Waters.

Unseen threat in our waters, and what you can do about it this Earth Day
Join one of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups organized across the country for Earth Day this Friday and over the weekend to collect and properly dispose of plastic and other waste.

Nine must-see highlights from WWF’s CN Tower Climb for Nature
What was the fastest climb time? How much money was raised? How many people came out? These questions and more are answered.