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Featured image Exploring the risks of oil spills in the Beaufort Sea
With growing interest in Arctic development, WWF has new research modelling how spilled oil might spread in the Beaufort Sea.

Polar bears of the Last Ice Area: Kane Basin Subpopulation
Exploring Kane Basin – home to Canada’s most northerly polar bears – to learn more about this remote subpopulation and its habitat

Polar bears of the Last Ice Area: The Daily Research Routine
Studying polar bears in the high Arctic is no easy feat, despite the almost constant sunlight

Polar bears of the Last Ice Area: The Weather is Our Boss
When it comes to Arctic field research, weather is a major factor

Introducing…a new way to support WWF!
If you’re looking for a meaningful, affordable and rewarding way to support WWF, please consider joining WWF-Canada as a monthly donor by symbolically adopting a polar bear.

The hidden life of the Arctic
Exploring Arctic wildlife at the edge of the ice