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Featured image Pope Francis: We have a Moral Imperative to Act on Climate Change
Pope Francis has made clear that climate change is more than an economic or technical issue. It is truly a moral issue, one that affects everyone.

Workplace giving and the reward of giving back
Employees from more than 40 companies rallied for the environment and raised $170,000 during WWF's Spring Things fundraising campaign.

Our Extraordinary Moment
To celebrate the end of the successful Spring Things fundraising campaign, WWF-Canada invited the Honourable John Godfrey, climate change adviser to the government of Ontario, to give "A Historian’s Perspective on Climate Change”.

WWF and City of Iqaluit join forces for successful cleanup
The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup heads north

Ontario Signs Agreement with Ohio and Michigan to Improve Lake Erie Water Quality
Ontario and the states of Ohio and Michigan have reached an agreement to reduce the amount of phosphorous entering the Western Basin of Lake Erie by 40 per cent.

One year after its submission, governments have still not adopted Plan 2014
One year ago today, on June 19, 2014, the International Joint Commission (IJC) submitted a new water level and flow regulation plan for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River to the governments of Canada and the United States.