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Featured image Canadians in electric cars getting silly
First Dates features WWF-Canada President and CEO, David Miller, exploring Toronto’s hidden green places as he cruises around in a state-of-the-art electric vehicle with cool Canadians. His dates? Executive Chef Susur Lee, comedian Mark McKinney, and TV personality Jessi Cruickshank.

The pH is falling! Oysters and economics on the Hill
WWF-Canada and the All Party Ocean Caucus hosted an Oceans on the Hill event to highlight the global issue of ocean acidification. Learn more about ocean acidification’s impacts on the shellfish industry.

WWF holiday adoption gift guide: Introducing the Hippopotamus!
This holiday season, WWF is introducing six new species for you to adopt and take home, including the hippopotamus. Let’s meet the hippopotamus!

Spotlight on the snow leopard: Biology and behaviour
Rinjan Shrestha, a conservation scientist with WWF, has been studying snow leopards for the past 10 years. Join him in a special six-part blog series on the snow leopard, the most mysterious member of the world’s big cats.

WWF holiday adoption gift guide: Introducing the polar researcher hero doll!
This holiday season, WWF is introducing frontline hero dolls for you to adopt and take home. Let’s meet the wildlife ranger!

A winning year for workplace giving and green office champions!
2014 was a big year for WWF’s Living Planet at Work (LP@W) program. We saw new green champions rise to the challenge to reduce footprint at work, engage more of their colleagues, and raise significant funds for WWF.