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Meet the Site Coordinators of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup: Chris McKnight

Chris works with the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee (KWRC), so it’s no surprise that he takes part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. His enthusiasm for this event and watersheds in general is, indeed, contagious.  No wonder he is a site coordinator!  Read on to find out more about Chris and his love of local and national waterways:

Q: When and how did you first get involved in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup?

A: This is the 2nd year I’ve been involved in the shoreline cleanup, but the 3rd year for the KWRC.

Q: What is your favorite thing about this initiative?

A: My favorite thing about this initiative is its national scope. This pulls together groups from across Canada, to increase awareness and promote healthy waterways.

(c) Chris McKnight

Q: How do you encourage people in your community to get involved in cleanups?

A: The staff at the KWRC works year-round to encourage people within our community to get involved and take ownership of their local waterways. This initiative is another opportunity to get people out on the water. We do this by interacting with members of our Facebook page, through our website, promote the event with posters throughout town, and contact local media outlets (e.g. local paper and radio station).

Q: Do you have any tips for new site coordinators?

A: Be enthusiastic about your cause and know why you’re doing what you’re doing. People can tell if you are really enthusiastic about something or simply “doing the job”. If you truly love what you’re doing, it’ll show. If people in the community sense your excitement about improving your watershed, there’s a better chance it will rub off on them.

If you’ve been inspired by Chris’s enthusiasm, or have lots of your own to spread to others, sign up now to clean a shoreline near you! And if you refer four friends, you will be eligible to win an iPad2 with Wi-Fi!