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We often define ourselves by our job but we forget there is something else that defines us as Canadians

Written by Ljiljana Jakotic, Living Planet @ Work Champion

When I heard that WWF-Canada was offering to take some supporters to the Great Bear Rainforest I jumped at the chance.

I saw an ecosystem that is rich in life. We saw humpbacks, grizzly bears, the rare spirit bear and salmon runs. I saw marine life that was so colourful and rich. I met people who live and work in the area and each of them spoke about how special this place is.  I learned that the weather was always changing and it would be difficult for oil tankers to travel through the Great Bear Sea.

 © Steph Morgan / WWF-Canada

© Steph Morgan / WWF-Canada

If we allow oil tankers to pass through, it would cause damage to one of the last few remaining intact coastal temperate rainforests in the world. I learned that very little oil is all it would take to damage this ecosystem. I also learned how the forest and animals are interlinked and how we humans are also dependant on having this system healthy.

I remember the first day we did a meet and greet with the crew, WWF staff and supporters. Each person introduced themselves by where they lived and their occupation. We often define ourselves by our job. On the trip we had a nurse, a lawyer, a musician, a receptionist and others. But we often forget there is something else that defines us as Canadians. We often forget what is in our country.

 © Steph Morgan / WWF-Canada

© Steph Morgan / WWF-Canada

We travel to other countries to see beautiful artwork, museums, jewels, structures and landscapes.  I think of the treasures that previous generations have left us ….. grand jewels of kings and queens that are preserved and protected in museums. If we are willing to protect the treasures of the past, why are we willing to hand over a treasure that is in our very own country? The Great Bear rainforest deserves to be passed on to future generations.

Lily Jakotic is a Living Planet @ Work champion, helping to engage her colleagues in sustainability and environmental issues at work. Visit atwork.wwf.ca to learn more.