WWF Canada:

Featured image Monarch butterfly population recovering but still lowest in years
A recent survey shows a 69% increase in area occupied by monarch butterflies, but this is the second smallest area since 1993. WWF calls on leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States in the protection of monarch butterfly migration.

Earth Hour 2015: 10 reasons why climate change is the issue of the year
Earth Hour 2015 is nearly upon us and this year, more than ever, we’re thinking about why we turn off the lights: climate change.

Earth Hour 2015: Nine things to do in the dark
Earth Hour is around the corner, here are some fun things to do in the dark!

Earth Hour City Challenge Winner: Vancouver!
Congratulations Vancouver for being named Canada’s Earth Hour City Challenge capital for 2015!

Life in the Arctic as a walrus
The magnificent and mighty tusked walrus can be found around the Arctic. Let's learn more about this Arctic species and the threats they face.