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Featured image An open letter to the new government of Canada
One of the first issues this parliament will face is Canada’s leadership on climate change at the UN Conference of the Parties in Paris this December.

Polar Bear on Thin Ice: Melting sculpture represents plight of people and polar bears in the North
As we approach the twenty-first United Nations Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP 21), Equiterre and WWF-Canada are teaming up to present an art project called Polar Bear on Thin Ice. The event will illustrate the impacts of climate disruption using an ice sculpture of a polar bear, an outdoor video projection, and a conference on Arctic issues.

Polar bears and people among species most threatened by climate change: WWF report
Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our natural environment, and to address this challenge and safeguard the future for wildlife and for ourselves, we need to work together

We Are All Wildlife
Today, WWF-Canada launched its new compelling awareness campaign “We Are All Wildlife”. The new campaign marks the beginning of a national mission to demonstrate that when nature thrives, people thrive.

Shooting past our expiry date
Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when global demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what the earth can restore in a given year.