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Introducing a special edition of the Graeme Loader photo contest
Our country is bursting with beauty, and we want you to capture it on camera. Submit your best wildlife photos and you could win a coveted spot in WWF-Canada’s 50th anniversary wildlife calendar.

TELUS and customers do good deeds for polar bears, belugas and salmon
Show Wildly holiday campaign by TELUS results in over $204,000 for WWF-Canada projects to support key Canadian species like polar bears, belugas and salmon.

Shop Wildly this holiday season with TELUS and support WWF!
This holiday season, TELUS is giving you the chance to show your love for Canadian wildlife and WWF by shopping wildly for conservation! TELUS has generously set aside $250,000 to support wildlife conservation, and they want you to help them decide which projects should receive their funds.

Meet Our Species of the Month: the sea lion!
WWF-Canada and TELUS are partnering to support the conservation of Canadian wildlife, like the sea lion.