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Shining Light on a Forgotten River
Eco-heroes are daylighting rivers with support from WWF-Canada’s Restoration Fund

The Polar Bear Boy
Inspired by his love of polar bears, 8-year-old Sean Hutton is doing his best to help conserve their Arctic home

Coca-Cola Commits to Conservation
WWF and Coca-Cola set partnership ambitious partnership agenda for 2013-2020.

Full Circle: Shooting the Arctic Circle on IMAX
The success of the 'Arctic Home' campaign - which raised almost $2 million, tons of public awareness and support for conserving the Last Ice Area - has been exciting to watch. And it was all brought to life by footage from 'To the Arctic'. Now you can learn more about the film from producer Shaun McGillivray.

The power of partnerships
The other week I attended an event hosted by Coca-Cola that highlighted their sustainability initiatives and partnerships. It was very eye-opening for me.