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The coolest week of the year celebrates the polar bear
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Polar Bear on Thin Ice: Melting sculpture represents plight of people and polar bears in the North
As we approach the twenty-first United Nations Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP 21), Equiterre and WWF-Canada are teaming up to present an art project called Polar Bear on Thin Ice. The event will illustrate the impacts of climate disruption using an ice sculpture of a polar bear, an outdoor video projection, and a conference on Arctic issues.

On the Edge of Life: filming with National Geographic on Lancaster Sound
In June WWF-Canada expert Pete Ewins took part in a field camp on Lancaster Sound with WWF’s partner the National Geographic Society.

Eight amazing animal moms
Eight animal moms who take care of their young in unique and remarkable ways!

New polar bear mothers enjoy spring as much as the rest of us
A northern Manitoba denning survey provides a glimpse into the homes and habits of female polar bears that spend all winter in maternity dens with their young.