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Massive plunge in wildlife expected by 2020. Here’s why, and what you can do
Population declines are staggering. But the solutions are within our reach.

Canada’s caribou herds risk disappearing. Here’s why and what you can do
The plight of the Arctic’s barren-ground caribou is now one of Canada’s greatest wildlife conservation concerns. Learn more about this iconic species and how you can help ensure their survival.

Lancaster Sound, by the numbers
Located in Canada’s High Arctic, Lancaster Sound is a hotbed of biodiversity. Read on to find out why this natural treasure needs protection.

Polar bears and people among species most threatened by climate change: WWF report
Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our natural environment, and to address this challenge and safeguard the future for wildlife and for ourselves, we need to work together

WWF Gift Guide: Adopt a beluga whale
This holiday season, WWF is introducing four new species for you to adopt and take home, including the beluga whale. Let’s meet one of Canada’s most iconic species!