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Guest blogger: Celebrity chef Roger Mooking – with an Earth Hour recipe

To start, and this may seem crazy and unnecessary, but I will turn off my phone.  No calls, no Twitter, no texting, and no glowing screens.  This is a revolution in my busy life and I hope no one freaks out on me.  I may even use a landline – remember those.   In actuality this one is an easy one, just a press of a button.

At my restaurants – Kultura, Nyood and Eatalia, we will be rolling out a very old time honored tradition.  Its called back to basics.   We will turn off the lights, light the candles and celebrate minimalism.  Remember when we actually sat down and spoke to one another without interruption, analyzed the other persons face (not Facebook) and enjoyed the food, drinks and company.  Our mixologists will prepare their best Dark and Stormy and our chefs will do their best to work with limited light, it is very tricky to cook good food that is well presented under low light; but they are up to the challenge.  And if all goes well we may be bringing live musicians into the mix because in my world food and music are a must.  Truth be told I will be walking around the restaurant singing as I always do, maybe I will bust out some Soul Food songs as well.

At home my family will be having a Earth Hour party complete with candles, lots of paper, glue, crayons and snacks that do not require cooking (more on that later).   Several of my cousins and their kids will be joining us to have a good old fashioned play o rama.  There is nothing like the sounds of silence and children enjoying themselves.   The play o rama will end up outside so the kids can enjoy the stars in the suddenly blackened sky.  Remember that.

We have evolved past meat on a stick over an open fire for some time now so I have included a no cook recipe that is absolutely delicious from my Soul Food CD and there are more recipes available at www.rogermooking.com/recipes


Lemongrass Fruit Salad



1 Mango (diced)

½ Pineapple (diced)

2 Kiwi (diced)

1/8 Watermelon (diced)

½ Can of Lychees (drained and halved)

Lemongrass Simple Syrup Dressing

1 Cup White sugar

1 Cup Water

2 Lemongrass stalks chopped fine

½ Tsp Lemon juice (fresh squeezed)

2 Drops of Vanilla extract


Smash stalks of lemongrass with the back of your knife to bruise it and free the flavour then dice very fine and place in a bowl.  Add water, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla extract.  Allow mixture to infuse for 30 mins.


Dice all fruit into same-sized, bite-sized pieces.  Combine into a serving dish and dress with Lemongrass Simple Syrup Dressing.


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