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Roller derby team trades skates for steps to support our conservation work

You can help CN Power reach their goal by sponsoring them here.

I was lucky and/or foolish enough to join some of the gals for pre-climb training last night at Downsview Park. As my friend so kindly put it, I looked about as graceful as “a giant praying mantis on skates,” but I had a blast and got to learn about all of the hard work they’ve done to raise funds, from selling 50/50 tickets to promoting our cause to their Facebook fans.

WWF-Canada staffer Kayla Wilkins, aka “Brim Stone,” was my amazingly patient trainer, along with “Lady Gag-ya” and “Lunchbox,” who are both raising funds for the climb. I wobbled around, practiced falling safely (which I’m really good at), and even got to give and take some hits. The things I do for the panda!

I’m feeling ready for my climb on Thursday, and totally inspired by this great team. Can’t wait to meet some of the thousands of people who are helping support our conservation work by taking on this big challenge.

Photos (c) Alex Kus / WWF-Canada







  • Lisa – WWF-Canada

    I don’t think there are words in the English language to describe how I feel about this post. Thanks for writing/living it Sara and GO TEAM CN POWER!

  • Sara Falconer

    Ha! Of course my dad knows how very un-coordinated AND un-tough I really am. Thank goodness this wasn’t a video ;o)

  • Neil Falconer (Sara’s Dad)

    Well Sara, glad to see thst athletic prowess and natural ability shining through !! Definite new job possibilities. I like the intense stare.

  • Lunchbox

    Hope to see back on skates again soon!

  • Barry Twohig

    Way to go Sara. You look tough in the pose. See ya.