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Why I volunteer: Eric “Kuba” Ash

“I’ve been passionate about tigers for a few years and have become committed to learning as much about them as possible and saving the approximately 3,000 that may be left in the wild,” says Eric, who hails from Mississauga. “This has led me to volunteer for organizations including WWF-Canada, WildAid, Jungle Cat World Zoo, and the International Tiger Coalition.”

Eric joined WWF-Canada as a CN Tower climb event volunteer in 2006, and then became an in-house volunteer in our Toronto headquarters. He quickly distinguished himself as a team player who is willing to go the extra mile to help out.

He has also gone the extra mile to help tigers around the world, traveling to Thailand, India and Indonesia, where he volunteered for WWF-Indonesia on the island of Sumatra.

Although he recently graduated from Trent University with a BA in Environmental Studies, he still dabbles in his original calling as a photographer. “I post my photos online not only so people can see my work, but to allow for opportunities to educate people about endangered species, and inspire people to get involved. As a result, my style of photography, rather than simple snapshots, often manifests through intimate, personal portraits of animals meant to evoke emotion or a certain message. As conservation hero Steve Irwin once said, ‘If we can touch people about wildlife, then they’ll want to save it.’”

Eric also blogs about his extraordinary experiences on his site, He Who Walks with Tigers. “I try to show people that I am just an average person, but was able to link caring about tigers to actually deciding to help,” he says. “That has taken me places in a short amount of time. I want people to make the same choice I made with a cause they are attached to.”

(c) Eric Ash

(c) Eric Ash

  • Rachel Naipaul says:

    We LOVE Eric! He is an amazing Volunteer and Tiger Champion! Watch this one.. he’ll make a name in the future!

  • Cindy Feltham says:

    Hi! Eric This will be so good for you , We are so glad for you , We are pulling for you it will be so profit.

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