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Promoting eco-sustainabilility, one note at a time

By Frank Horvat

I’m writing this as I take the bus from Lethbridge to Calgary. As I look out the window, I see the most beautiful flat farmland and the awesome Rockies off in the distance. This is a part of Canada that I’ve never seen before… I find myself saying that a lot lately!

(c) Frank Horvat

(c) Frank Horvat

One year ago I made the commitment that I was going to marry my two passions in life: music and the environment. It started off by composing the piano piece, Earth Hour – a continuous, one-hour work inspired by and performed in the dark. After composing, rehearsing, and recording this along with a few other pieces for my CD, “A Little Dark Music”, I thought that this would be the end of my adventure in eco-music. But then I thought that if I don’t get out there and make musical connections with people directly, all my creative work would not make the impact that it was conceived to do in the first place. This how the “Green Keys Tour” was born.

I thought to myself that the fight against climate change is something that ALL Canadians have in common. I wanted the Green Keys Tour to tie together everyone, from Victoria to Halifax. I made the tour as eco-friendly as possible (public modes of transportation, carbon offsets, very little paper usage), so the Green Keys Tour can be a platform to share my music and showcase eco-friendly ventures in each of the communities I visit.

(c) Frank Horvat

(c) Frank Horvat

So here I am in Alberta. I’m a half a year into the tour, 12 concerts down and 40 to go. And even though I’m already under-slept, not eating well (it’s hard to find healthy fast food), and having to deal with a lot of logistics, every time I play the music at the concert and get a chance to talk with the attendees afterwards, somehow I feel it is the right thing to do.

At first I found it intimidating to use instrumental piano music as a means of inspiring others to become more environmentally sustainable. After all, how can piece of piano music make someone better insulate their home or take public transit? But after receiving the touching and inspiring reactions from many people of many walks of life in many cities thus far, I know it has been well worth it.

Check out this Green Majority podcast where I discuss the environmental aspects of the tour.

  • janet bartram-thomas says:

    This is VERY inspirational and inspirational is what we all need when we’re looking at our poor planet and wondering what will happen to it!
    I hope you’re coming to Richmond Hill??

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