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Video: Get your sweater on

Thanks to Jax and her team for this fab video:

  • Can i just say what a relief to get someone who actually is aware what theyre talking about on the net. You definitely know the best way to bring an issue to light and help it become important. More people need you just read this and understand this side in the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  • Hi everyone in this wonderful world!
    I celebrated sweaters day by having my IKEA HERO-sweater on and turning down to 16 degrees in my apartment 🙂
    I have also reduced my red-meat-intake by more than 50% cause that reduce my carbon-footprint and if 10% or more that read this do the same, it will have a great impact on our environment.
    I’ll end this note by sayin’ that the video was geniuous! 🙂
    Remember to participate in Earth Hour 26th of March this year everyone!! And more important: Ask yourself this question when you have turned the light back on again: “What can I do to make this world a better place to live for me and for all other human beings?” If every human being on this planet asks this question, there will come up solutions to save our planet!!
    Live with passion everyone! Greetings from Stone in Norway 🙂 If you like my note, add me as a friend on Facebook! Remember that there are no strangers, only people you haven’t get to know yet 🙂

  • Colin

    This video is awesome! I was totally not expecting something that funny!
    I’ll be sporting my raddest sweater tomorrow! Gonna go down 4 degrees even 😉

  • Wilala

    Is that the kevin I think it is? o-o Cool vid. ;D

  • Kevin

    We are doing this at our school and our teacher is going to bring this ugliest sweater EVER!!!!!!
    WWF FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara Falconer

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing your concerns. You might want to use this video to share the National Sweater Day message with your students:


  • Thora Hallas Jespersen

    Evey day is sweater day for me, the room temperature during the day rarely goes higher than 17, from around 10 during the night, I wear 3 layers on top 2 pairs of pants,, 2 pairs of socks and indoor booties, if I sit still too long I put another top on, I haven’t had a cold since Jan 2010, I get wood from a neighbor, about a 5 min. walk one way, I get my heat from that and feel good.
    we can all cut down a lot by lowering the temperature a degree or 2 and keep more active.
    I’d love to take advantage of the sun,wind, and ground, but it beyond my reach due to cost.

    I’ll be 84 in April and still want to help the environment, I go shopping once a week, I live 10 miles from town, I love the country

  • Jennifer

    Iwould love to show this video to my grade 6 students to promote sweater day but the man that is in his underwear is alittle inapporiate for school:((( too bad. Please keep the viewing avaiable for the younger kids.

  • victoria