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Video: Ontario’s Minister of the Environment Issues a Sweater Day Challenge

Want your provincial/territorial/federal Minisister of the Environment to participate?  Send them this video!

Hon. Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister of Environment – Minister@ec.gc.ca or Kent.P@parl.gc.ca
Hon. Ross Wiseman, Newfoundland’s Minister of Environment and Conservation – rosswiseman@gov.nl.ca
Hon. Richard Brown, PEI’s Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry – rebrown@gov.pe.ca
Hon. Sterling Belliveau, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment – min_env@gov.ns.ca
Hon. Margaret-Ann Blaney, New Burnswick’s Minister of Environment – Margaret-Ann.Blaney@gnb.ca
Hon. Pierre Arcand, Quebec’s Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks/ Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs – ministre@mddep.gouv.qc.ca
Hon. Bill Blaikie, Mantioba’s Minister of Conservation – mincon@leg.gov.mb.ca
Hon. Dustin Duncan, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Environment – dduncan@mla.legassembly.sk.ca
Hon. Rob Renner, Alberta’s Minister of Environment – rob.renner@gov.ab.ca
Hon. Murray Coell, British Columbia’s Minister of Environment – env.minister@gov.bc.ca

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