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Tell Me Tuesday: What’s your favourite eco-holiday?

Which makes picking a favourite a real challenge.  And I have to admit, I’m pretty fickle about holidays – whichever one is next is probably my current favourite.

I’m working on National Sweater Day right now, and getting really excited about it.  I’ve already picked out at least 10 special sweaters that I could wear, so narrowing it down is going to be a real challenge (though last year I never really made a decision and actually wore four sweaters over the course of the day – also a viable option)!


WWF’s President Emeritus, Monte Hummel, shows us how it’s done for National Sweater Day (C) Monte Hummel/ WWF-Canada

And I love WWF’s Earth Hour, of course – even though I spend a lot of time thinking about climate change, taking a quiet hour to reflect on what’s happening and what I can do to help is incredibly rewarding.  Plus, candlelight is very flattering.

And the list goes on…which makes me wonder: what’s your favourite eco-holiday?