WWF-Canada Blog:

Giant Panda on two wheels

Today—on Toronto’s symbolic ‘Coldest Day of the Year Ride’ cycling event—the Giant Panda accompanied the (somewhat fit) core group of WWF staffers who cycle to work year-round. Way to go panda!

In keeping with the unusually warm weather this winter, the sun shone, the roads were dry, and the air temperature climbed above zero C again.  Great cycling conditions— although panda complained to his biking escorts that it was actually too hot with all the peddling!

It’s great to see a quickly growing number of Torontonians cycling to and from work during all seasons, and for the BIXI bike system to be well established now. The city is also doing some serious planning for more dedicated, marked cycle lanes in major commuting routes within the GTA.

Finally, in breaking news, we detected a smile on panda’s face today, as carbon-neutral energy economies come into clearer, sharper focus!

Last heard…Panda asking, ‘Now where is that Chinese restaurant for my bamboo shoots?’

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