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Tell Me Tuesday: Which sweater should Panda wear for National Sweater Day?

Option A: The Cosby-esque Sweater
This one has a lot to recommend it – colour, pattern, a close fit.




















(C) Riannon John/WWF-Canada

Option B: The Oh Canada Sweater
A patriotic take on National Sweater Day – which is, after all, uniquely Canadian!



















Option C: The Basic Sweater
In case you think the other two are just too much, some slightly more subtle and classic stripes.



















It’s a long day, and I’m kind of thinking that Panda might have time to wear all of these sweaters…but just in case she doesn’t, please help her choose the best sweater!  And be sure to share photos of your sweater on our Facebook page.  If you need help deciding, I’m sure our many friends would also be happy to help you out!

So…which sweater should Panda wear for National Sweater Day?

  • kathryn dorrell

    Panda, you are stylin’ in option A, oh-so patriotic in option B… but Option C – a bit dowdy!

  • Mason

    Option B for sure!!!!

  • Vlatka

    The stripes of option A.
    Hope we will help Panda to make a decision! I am sure she is going to look great!

  • Fiona

    The Canadian sweater definately. 🙂

  • Jan

    Option B is our family’s unanimous choice!

  • Maxine

    Oh Canada! A definite yes.

  • Susan Macfarlane

    Option B – Canada all the way!!!!!

  • The Canada sweater is great, but I also like the colourful stripes of a. One for the morning and one for later.

  • Donna

    Option B for sure.

  • Gayle

    Oh Canada for sure!

  • Option A is the best! Those stripes really show off Panda’s figure.