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Video: Earth Hour Anthem

Thousands of Canadians participated in our Earth Hour Anthem contest on Facebook. Our talented friend Andrew (did we mention that he’s incredibly talented?) then selected 14 entries as inspiration for the anthem:

We hope that you’re as wowed as we are, and that this beautiful song adds a little extra magic to your Earth Hour celebrations this Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 p.m.

Phenomenal events will be happening from coast to coast to coast. Members of Team Earth Hour in Toronto are also invited to hear Andrew perform the Anthem live for the first time at the Earth Hour “Pep Rally” in the city’s Distillery Historic District from 7:30pm to 9pm.

If you want to have your own sing-a-long, you can download lyric sheets.

when the lights go down
i want to be here with you
and the million candles that we light
when the lights go down
i want to dream something new
and let the stars come out tonight

we can feel the change around us
my bit is part of making a difference
so whenever you stop in silence
hear your heart at rest
beautiful, picturesque land
care and respect go hand in hand
it’s time that we take a stand here
knowing we’re sweetly blessed


to treat the earth kind is our message
and we will never forget this
when every day we’re left breathless
by the glow of the sun
the future is ours to own now
with every voice raised up so loud
with every hand in and lights out
it’s time to unite as one

  • Maxine

    Yes! a little extra magic to our Earth Hour!

  • Irene Love

    Creative song and I really enjoyed it!!