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A Message from Scott Niedermayer – Canadian for the Great Bear

Dear Fellow Canadian for the Great Bear,

I’m writing to thank you for standing alongside me and so many others in saying the Great Bear is no place for pipelines and tankers.  Not here. Not ever.  And not at any price.

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With your voice behind us, WWF and the Coastal First Nations have sounded powerful messages about the unacceptable risk this project poses to the Great Bear, our Canadian treasure.  We’ve urged provincial and federal decision-makers to understand what is really at stake here. We’ve helped voice the concerns of communities, leaders, artists and students from across the country.  And we’ve spoken out for whales, bears, and other animals that cannot do so on their own.

You are critical to amplifying and spreading these messages.  By joining our conversations on Facebook and Twitter, by reading and sharing our blog posts – you are raising a louder voice and helping reach more Canadians.  Check in with us regularly. Our activities will build in exciting ways over the coming weeks.

And today, right now, we need your voice more than ever.

August 31st is the deadline for public comment to the Joint Review Panel .  This body is charged with assessing whether the Northern Gateway project is in Canada’s best interest. Please take a few moments to register your comments online right now.

Thank you again.  It’s through your voice and commitment that we will stand up to protect the future of  this most precious place.


– Scott Niedermayer



  • Garth

    Tell me if you have any intreset in the development on White Tail lake in BC shame in you screw the oil but ruin a trophy lake and wilderness area what the hell

  • Garth

    Tell me if you have any intreset in the development on White Tail lake in BC shame in you screw the oil but ruin a trophy lake and wilderness area what the hell

  • AnnaPhelan

    This pipeline must never be allowed, we are the gate keepers for our children and grand children we will have to answer to them if we allow this pipeline to go through, it is an accident waiting to happen. I say NO

    Anna Phelan

  • ger enns

    Hi, unfortunately most people do not truly understand why a pipeline is required. The pipeline is required to fuel the greed of Americans that continue to be gluttonous in their everyday lives. We too as Canadians are to blame, every one of us turn on lights and heat our homes. To truly stop this dependence on oil will require a concentrated effort from everyone on this planet what that solution is will take years of planning and thought to get us to no reliance of oil. But at the present it is hard for us normal folk to grasp the true essence of what to do. The movement of all goods to clothe us, feed us, house us, is moved efficiently as possible with diesel fuel in fact this fuel (kerosene) is used to take us to our vacation areas of choice whenever we get into an aircraft. To truly understand what requires having a safe environment is to work with the oil companies and the environmentalists to ensure that all requirements are met to satisfy all. We have to work with all groups and to have a dialogue to ensure our future generations are protected.

  • Pauline Duffett

    Our wonderful lands, seas and forests were not created by Nature for the rich to get richer by destroying them! They were created to feed the population of animals, fish and birds and provide beauty, clean air, fresh water and enjoyment for us all.

    Shame on you Stephen Harper and your rich business buddies! These are out grandchildren that you are putting at risk and if you are willing to sacrifice your own descendants for money you have no right to harm ours. Stop this outrage before it’s too late. Pauline Duffett and Family

  • marilyn

    Harper is not one for “environmental issues”…I guess because Oil is Canada’s #1 export to USA…& the biggest money-maker for Canada…just read an article re: how wind farms are killing off so many birds/eagles…THINK WELL before instituting businesses for financial gain only…THINK about the welfare of nature 1st & nature will repay you….

  • Thank you for having a place where my opinion matters.

    I am Katelynn Smart, I am enrolled in the Associates Degree of Science program specializing in Environmental Geosciences at NWCC. I am also very family oriented, and I am very much opposed towards the proposed Enbridge Pipeline.
    My family and Haida communities that survive off the nutrients of the marine life, as well as the Sacred Head waters are greatly opposed to this proposition because it not only threatens the environment, it threatens our lives.
    Every year, and for thousands of years, my family and Haida community have survived solely of the dependance of seasonal food gathering. If this gets taken away from us, guarenteed the number of homeless people will greatly increase. I say this because I have personally felt the affects of lack of food in my household at a very young age. I have been in a position where the only income my family was recieving was from Income assistant services from the government. Income assistance is a small fund the government sets aside for families that struggle to pay for living expenses. This fund is very small and what is recieved is not nearly enough to support the cost of living. The only reason I am alive today, is because we are able to food fish during the season.
    I hope that people respect this land that has been tended for them for thousands of years, not just by my ancestors, but all of the Coastal First Nations that surround this area.

  • Please, for the sake of my country, do not allow this pipeline through the pristine wilderness of our province. Please, don’t allow any more shipments of bitumen to travel through our waterways. Please, our children and grandchildren depend on you to make the right decision.

  • Dagmar Seydel

    There are so many reasons this pipeline is a bad idea and as far as I can see so few reasons it is a good one. Please get the message out to all Canadians, not just those in BC as all of Canada has a stake in maintaining the few pristine wilderness areas we have left. My partner and I are commercial fisherman and fish on the North Coast. My heart breaks evertime I think of the whales we see, the bears, the wolves and most of all the salmon and the risk this poses to their very existence. I will fight this pipeline with my last breath if that is what it takes.

  • Peggy P

    Canadians need to be together on this and say no to the Tar Sands and change direction towards sustainable energy, no more oil, no more gas. We will be able to do this is we work together as one tribe.
    When we the people decide that the world is worth saving , make your voice heard.
    Can we pick a day of solidarity to organize in all communities in Canada against the Tar Sands, Arctic Drilling, Pipelines, Tankers and Fracking.
    The world does not need any more oil and gas industry contamination especially in Canada !!!!!
    It is easy to criticize but it is important to make this a positive movement In Canada so lets pick a day have Gratitude Picnics in our parks and carry the message of gratefulness and protection of Mother Earth with a clear demand for sustainable green energy, a working reduction in fossil fuel extraction and a respect for each other and creation.

  • Brenda Tuckerpip

    It is imperative that we protect our wilderness areas. There are things more important than OIL and MONEY! This planet we live on was loaned to us for our lifetime; others will follow us. It is our responsibility to take care of what we have for future generations. Once it’s destroyed by pollution like a ruptured pipeline, it is lost forever! WHY RISK IT?! There is no justifiable reason for this pipeline – it is insane! The Harpers will say it will create prosperity and jobs – there are other ways to create jobs and prosperity; e.g., help small businesses across Canada, encourage people to emigrate to Canada, etc., etc., etc.


  • melony bush

    I totally agree:)
    I believe we are here to save the animals and the land, and we seem to be steering the other way dramatically! money is winning:(. We should stop this non sense, because if we keep going down the same path, we are going to end up cursing our future! We need to put what’s best for our planet and the creatures that are on it first and only.. We all could live without money, but without our animals and land- we are screwed. We need to stop thinking about now, and think about our future!!

  • Elizabeth McLeod

    Please, I pray, may the powers that be make the responsible and sensible decision regarding the absolute blockage of a pipeline through the land of the salmon rivers, Spirit bear habitat, rain forest ecosystem and B.C. sacred grounds. We need to embrace nature and hold it dear to us. There are so many more lives to be lived and those to come deserve a refuge to hold in high regard and to also enjoy. We MUST save some of our planet from human destruction….thank you for taking heed. Now is the time to make an alternative solution. Do not let a situation arise that could have been prevented. No oil spills ever in B.C. because no oil is piped in.