WWF-Canada Blog:

Here’s my garbage bag, so clean a shoreline maybe?

By Emma Gillies, WWF-Canada Communications Intern

I’m not sure about anyone else, but for me, summer passed way too quickly and with far too few outdoor activities. Working two jobs meant my daily dose of Vitamin D was taken with a fruit shake in the morning rather than by basking in the sun, and I spent more time on the subway than on the beach. Suffice to say I couldn’t be more excited that 1) I’m down to just one job and 2) that the summer weather has decided to keep us company through September.

One thing I did get to appreciate this summer along with those tanned outdoorsy kids I’m so jealous of is the music. Once a self-proclaimed rock princess, I have taken a turn into the world of pop. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I skipped the boy band phase as a teenager and it’s finally catching up with me. It goes along great with the summer sun, and gets me excited first thing in the morning.

Carly Rae? Check. Rihanna? Of course. One Direction?…Well that’s just awkward (but yes, check).

So as I move into September with my evenings and weekends free I will dedicate myself to being outside and I will use my fun, albeit embarrassing taste in music to keep myself energized.

First on the docket is the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, running from September 15-23, 2012. This will be my first year participating and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Much like 5 prepubescent boys worked their way onto my iPod and into my heart, sometimes you just have to try something new.

Volunteers at the Edmonton Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in 2011. (C) WWF-Canada

Though I didn’t get to spend much time outdoors this summer, I have seen enough of this beautiful country of ours that I know how important it is to keep our shorelines litter free and our waters clean. It’s too rare that in my life we get to take direct action to make a difference. It’s easy for us to glance at Lake Ontario and scoff at its pollution, or wrinkle our noses at the smog in our cities during the summer. But how often do we get the opportunity to make a real and measurable environmental change in our communities?

I plan on seizing that opportunity.

So join me as I scavenge Woodbine Beach in Toronto on September 15th. If it’s your first time out, register to participate in an already organized cleanup and we can be newbies together. Or sign up to be a site coordinator and organize a cleanup with your friends in your own community.

Fingers crossed for good weather, because I’m bringing my iPod and plan on forcing my taste in music on innocent passerbys.

….But if it happens to rain, feel free to join me under my Umbrella….Ella ella, ay ay ay.