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Tell Me Tuesday: Who would be on your ideal Shoreline Cleanup team?

By Emma Gillies, WWF-Canada Communications Intern

With more than 50,000 participants across Canada last year, I got to thinking: If I could pick my ideal cleanup crew to work alongside for the day, who would it consist of?  I mean of course I am excited to work with my team of colleagues and friends, but if I had my choice of anyone? Imagine the possibilities! To compare it to my everyday life, while going out for dinner with my best friend is fun, dinner with George Clooney wouldn’t be so bad either.

So while my guy friends have dedicated their spare time to fantasy football, I’m just enough of a geek to set aside time to build my optimal environmental squad.

A team of volunteers from the Vancouver branch of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in 2011. (C) WWF-Canada

My ideal shoreline green team, if I had the choice, would consist of:

  • Michael Phelps: Listen, I may not be going in the water, but I am known for having the balance and grace of a baby deer walking on ice, so if I fall in to any body of water, I want an Olympic medal swimmer somewhere nearby.

  • Rob Stewart: I remember how astounded I was the first time I watched the documentary Shark Water. And not just by the plight of our ocean’s shark populations, but by the courage and relentless pursuit for justice of Rob, the director, who is only a few years older than me. If I had to pick anyone’s brain about our oceans, lakes and rivers and how they’re all interconnected, it would be him.

  • George Clooney: You knew it was coming. Quite frankly, if I’m choosing to spend my day cleaning up the litter of my lazy city comrades, I could use the oozing charm of Mr. Hollywood himself to cancel out staring at cigarette butts.

….Life is all about balance.

So tell me, if you had to choose your ideal team of people to spend a Saturday morning cleaning our shorelines with, who would be on it?