WWF-Canada Blog:

Workin’ for the panda… at VIFF

I’m back in action now – well, not 100 percent, but getting there! – and feeling so inspired to be part of a team that is dedicated to tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges in the world.

I hope to share some of that inspiration and passion with you over the next few weeks, as I take part in the Vancouver International Film Festival, where WWF is sponsoring an environmental series.

If you’re in Vancouver, I hope you’ll join us for WWF’s special feature presentation of Garden in the Sea on Wednesday, October 3.

We invite you to talk to us, learn more about our work to protect the Great Bear Sea and to become a Canadian for the Great Bear.

Keep an eye out for WWF information tables and conservation speakers at VIFF’s green films from around the world. The pandas are friendly, so come say hi.

I’ll be blogging and tweeting as I go – follow us @wwfcanada for chances to win tickets. See you in the popcorn line!

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