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Breaking: Our new campaign

Our Facebook page might feel a bit different these days.

Our newest campaign isn’t just a video (sorry Norman) or call to donate, it’s an entire news channel chronicling what could – and likely would – happen in British Columbia’s Great Bear region if the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal goes forward. We wanted to engage Canadians, wherever you live, in the very real risks involved in the proposal.


In 2006, Canadian governments forged an historic agreement with First Nations, industry, and other groups to set out a global model of sustainability designed to create jobs, attract investment, and strengthen communities while protecting ecosystems. All of this is now at stake, and we believe this raises important questions about the kind Canada we want.

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We are adamant that any pipeline in this region is far too big a risk for local communities, the rare ecosystem, and for Canada as a whole. So while the Inevitable News is not real, the campaign gives us a chance to act. We hope you support it, talk about it, tweet about it, and follow the Joint Review Panel process. What is being proposed is unacceptable. It does not have to be inevitable.

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  • José

    “I am myself and what is around me, and if I do not save it, it will not save me.” This quote by the Spanish philosipher José Ortega y Gasset illustrates the importance of conserving our natural environment, not only for it’s own protection and the protection of the flora and fauna which reside within, but also for the benefit of the human race. Many people do not understand or realize how dependant we actually are on our environment. If we continue development at today’s current rate, future generations will know only a post-industrialized world and have no concept of our natural heritage. We must put an end to – for lack of a better word – the raping of mother nature.

  • Bill

    What does any government at provincial or federal level care about the permanent and irreversable damage an oil spill will do on the north coast of B.C. They have no concern about sealife wildlife or people who depend on the ocean for their livelyhood,
    especially the First Nations people of the North Coast. As far as goverment is concerned they are just a drain on the country. Look at the reaction when the Queen of the North sank in Grenville Channel, the oil is still leaking out of it and no one cares.
    The feds say we don”t need environmental studies on this and Christy Clark is willing
    to sell us out if the price is right. We need to fight this one to the end!!

  • Bob Loveless

    Has anyone seen the latest totally ludicrous BS commercial from our Federal Government about protecting Canada’s environment??? How stupid do they think we are!!! It made me so angry that I felt like throwing something at the TV!!!

  • Gord Byers

    “Our economy is not a real thing” – David Suzuki – so how is it sustainable?
    Is greed and entitlement sustainable? Is our collective health sustainable if the wealth of a few puts our very world in jeopardy? Progress is a killer, especially insidious, as it is with cancerous growth. Our very values and ethics and real needs have come into question: what are we doing and where are we going???


    If i get a “call to arms” by FIRST NATIONS or BRITISH COLUMBIA; i am prepared to defend our environmental land by the use of force, if need be. I have my GMT which is General Military Training and will use my knowledge and skills to defend our rights as Free Canadians to oppose the “pipeline” and all that it entails if they (Federal Government) try to “force the issue” of its existence.

  • Cynthia Barnes

    It is time for us to explore sustainable sources of renewable energy instead of trying to harvest oil that will cost more to produce than can be retrieved by selling it

  • Cynthia

    it is time for us to look at sustainable development and for our government to consider green and sensible sources of energy

  • We only get one world. Important to protect it.