WWF-Canada Blog:

From Quarry Rock to the Great Bear: My experience with WWF-Canada

By Quy Le, Communications Support Volunteer , WWF-Canada

My story begins on a surprisingly warm January day back in 2010. Sitting atop Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, I basked in the warm sunshine while listening to the sound of birds and rushing streams. It was then I had an “ah-hah!” moment – I knew what was missing in my life, and that was a greater connection to nature. Upon this realization, I made the decision to quit my job as an online marketing specialist, and embark on what would become my journey towards a life dedicated to nature, conservation, and sustainability.

Over the next two years, I hiked up 8600-foot mountains; felt the thrill of river rafting in Clearwater, BC; and climbed the face of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish. But there is one memory that will be forever tattooed on my brain: as I kayaked around Quadra Island, BC, the sight of not hundreds, but thousands of pacific white-sided dolphins, spanning one side of the horizon all the way to the other side as they fed on a shoal of fish. For me, this scene, in all its perfect natural beauty, was affirmation of the connection I felt with nature. It also gave me a sense that I should do what I can do protect these animals, and all wildlife that inhabit this planet.

In the fall of 2011, during the screening of a movie called “The Whale” which was being presented by WWF-Canada, I was lucky enough to meet Darcy Dobell, VP of WWF-Canada’s Pacific Division. I asked her if there were any volunteer opportunities with WWF-Canada, and to my joy, I was informed that there would be.

I officially began volunteering with WWF-Canada in March of 2012 in its Pacific Region office located in Vancouver and I must say, the experience thus far has been a blast! As a communications support volunteer, I help with creating media lists, transcribing videos, and a variety of other administrative tasks. However, what really stood out for me was the launch of the Canadians for the Great Bear campaign. Not only did I get to meet hockey legend Scott Niedermayer, but I had the privilege of being part of a national campaign dedicated to protecting one of Canada’s ecological treasures: the Great Bear Sea.

Today I am a proud Canadian for the Great Bear. Like the thousands of others who have joined WWF-Canada, I wish to see a sustainable future for the Great Bear region, free from pipelines, tankers, and oil spills. I hope many others will join me in becoming a Canadian for the Great Bear by signing up at wwf.ca or following WWF-Canada on twitter and trending #C4GB. Together we can all be voices for the Great Bear, as well as a voice for a sustainable living planet!