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Tell Me Tuesday: How do you help fundraise for WWF?

It’s not that we’re obsessed with money, but we really love all the things that we can do with it – like tracking narwhal to learn more about their migration habits, mapping renewable energy potential in Canada, and helping protect Canada’s sharks.

Narwhal tagging nets in Nunavut ©Pete Ewins/ WWF-Canada

We know that times are tight for a lot of Canadians, so we’re exploring all kinds of new ways to bring in funds without asking our incredible supporters – like you! – to do more than you can.

One new approach is our BMO WWF-Canada Affinity Mastercard, which automatically donates a portion of dollars spent on the card to WWF.  Many of our supporters have seen this kind of card elsewhere and have been asking for something similar here, so we’re very excited about this initiative.  We certainly don’t want to encourage anyone to spend beyond their means, but since many of us already use credit cards on a regular basis, we’re really hoping that this will be a simple new way to allow Canadians to support WWF.

Another new effort is our partnership with Donate Naturally, an organic shopping site that donates 15% of the value of designed orders to WWF.  Not only is there no additional cost to supporters, but you can get your favourite natural and organic grocery and household items delivered right to your door – helping conserve your time and the planet!

We’re also looking to harness the awesome power and passion of our supporters through our Community Panda program, which encourages Canadians to host fundraising events and efforts that benefit WWF.  We’ve already had some outstanding events and are excited for many, many more.

Since this is new territory for us, we’re really interested in getting your take on these initiatives.  We have a lot of work ahead of us in helping create solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, and none of it is possible without help and funds from our wonderful supporters.

So, we want to know: how do you help fundraise for WWF? And what do you think of our new efforts?

P.S. If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to help WWF today, please be sure to vote for us in Seventh Generation’s Show You Care Today Canada campaign – we could win $25,000!