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In the market for change: Naturally, DonateNaturally.com

If you’re tired of searching from store to store, and up and down isles for natural and organic groceries…search no more!

It’s not always easy being eco-friendly, but businesses are starting to realize that customers want to decrease their ecological footprints. For example, it’s getting easier and easier to find sustainable seafood on the shelves thanks to Loblaw. And now, other tricky items are easier to find. Mostly because they arrive at your doorstep!

DonateNaturally.com provides natural and organic non-perishable food and household items delivered conveniently to your front door. They don’t stop with the first things you might think of, like food and household cleaners. They sell everything from laundry detergent to multi-vitamins to skin cream.

Impressive? Yes. But there’s more! With every purchase, 15% of the value of your order goes to the charity of your choice. My favorite part (obviously) is that WWF is on that list, so now you can be greener and support conservation projects as well.

Sounds expensive, right? Well, being eco-friendly often comes at a bit of a cost, but we all know it’s well worth it. However, DonateNaturally.com items are priced competitively with those at your local store. Oh, and that 15% donation? It isn’t an additional cost; it comes from within the cost of your purchase. You just have to click, choose your charity (may I suggest WWF?), pay a very similar price to what you would have at the store, and wait for your delivery.

From our friends at Donate Naturally: “We recognize that so many people love the idea of eating organic and buying eco-friendly products.  They want to eat healthy and help the environment but are not sure where to start.  We’ve done the homework for you.  By purchasing products at DonateNaturally.com you know you’re feeding yourself and your family healthy options that you can feel good about. You are also helping the environment by supporting companies that are making a difference by using recycled cardboard, less packaging and are free of harsh chemicals that harm the environment.  Each of these small things added together make a big difference for the world we live in, and will make an enormous difference for the world our children’s children will live in.”

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