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The Water Brothers’ favorite holiday gift

By Alex Mifflin, The Water Brothers


It is this idea that originally attracted me to WWF’s symbolic wildlife adoptions over three years ago when I purchased a polar bear for my little sister and a tiger for my cousin. They absolutely loved them. They were both so excited get a smaller (and less dangerous) version of their favorite animal, but what really made them happy was knowing that this same gift was also helping to protect their favourite animals.

(c) The Water Brothers

Today, in our show The Water Brothers, my brother and I are even more connected to sharing the ideas of conservation and are so proud to highlight some of WWF’s work in our episodes.

This past September, while filming our second season, we embarked on a journey through British Columbia exploring the impact of Atlantic salmon aquaculture on the Pacific coast. On our journey we also came face-to-face with the incredible coastal pacific ecosystem supported by wild salmon. Whether it was orcas, Bbars or eagles, everything big and small on the BC coast is supported by wild salmon. And that is why I was so happy to see the Kermode “Spirit” Bear, river otter and orca added to the new lineup of animal adoptions this year because they are all part of this unique coastal “salmon” ecosystem that requires our attention and protection.

(c) The Water Brothers

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift that can both inspire and put a smile on a face, I would definitely suggest checking out the adoption page here at WWF. And then when the entire family is gathered around the dinner table, I would also mention that Season 2 of the Water Brothers premieres on TVO and across Canada on our website and TVO on World Water Day, March 22nd 2013…just a thought.

Happy Holidays!


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