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Keeping green with a new baby – some tips for Prince William and Kate

Have you heard the news?  The British Royal Family has confirmed the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant!

If the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding was any indication, we know that people around the globe will be keeping a close watch on the decisions that Will and Kate make when raising their new little boy or girl.

We asked Lisa Charlton, new mom and the Manager of Community Engagement here at WWF-Canada for some tips to pass along to the royal couple as to how to manage the struggles of a new addition to the family while keeping her environmental footprint in mind.

“For me, trying to balance a new baby’s needs, a substantial decrease in income and what would be best for the planet was definitely a challenge at times,” she explained.

New mom, and the Manager of Community Engagement here at WWF-Canada, Lisa Charlton and her son.

“Here are some tips that helped me reduce my footprint in my journey to become an eco-friendly parent.

The majority of the clothes, furniture and toys that we used were either hand-me-downs or bought second hand.  Once clothes were no longer usable –we either re-donated or used them for cleaning rags etc.  (Favorite toys were always repaired or repurposed – never replaced.)

When and if toys were ever purchased, we made sure sure they were made locally and from a sustainable type of material. The amount of plastic used for children’s toys is crazy!

I wash all the baby’s clothes in eco/baby safe soap and hang them to dry.  This helps to reduce energy use.

Making your own baby food from organic and locally bought produce is another way to keep it green.  I make big batches and freeze some for use throughout the week.

Composting and recycling when and whatever you can.  Minimizing unnecessary waste and garbage (babies produce a lot of it!)”