WWF-Canada Blog:

My home isn’t made of walls and bricks: Why I am an environmental defender

By Inderjit Deogun

Before Gloria Grow co-founded Fauna Sanctuary she was driven by the need to do something that mattered. Only four years ago, I found myself in the exact same place. I was searching for a way to make a difference however big or small it may end up to be.

I think that’s true for anyone who gives back. Whether it be donating food, buying a toy for a less fortunate child or becoming a big brother/sister. We do it because we see the need.

Grow’s background in Animal Sciences and the desire to work in animal protection led her to make a life-changing decision. I, on the other hand, have always been a nature buff, so, choosing to be proactive and fighting for the environment was a natural progression. I care that the planet is changing and not for the better, which is why I give my support to organizations like WWF Canada.

Glacier calving, Monaco Glacier, Liefdefjorden, Spitsbergen, Norway. © Steve Morello / WWF-Canon.

Climate change affects every human being without discrimination. Yes, the effects may differ from region to region but the changes impact everyone everywhere. As I write this, people are still without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and there’s unprecedented flooding taking place in Italy. Both of these occurrences are examples of the extreme events we can expect to see more of because of climate change.

But the scary thing is that the worst is yet to come. In the past couple of weeks alone, news broke that past projections of accelerating sea ice loss and increasing global temperature were far too low. The need to make drastic strides to reverse climate change is increasing with every passing day. If they’re not made, future generations will inherit a broken and dying planet.

I’m an environmental defender because this is the only planet we have and it just so happens to be my home. I am committed to doing everything I can to raise awareness about climate change, vote for leaders who will take action on it, and bring others along with me. There is a need, and we are the answer.