WWF-Canada Blog:

Birthday love for polar bears

Benjamin recently made a difference and helped WWF-Canada’s conservation work with a donation through EchoAge. EchoAge is a website for US and Canadian residents, which teaches children about giving to those less fortunate.  How does it work? Each guest contributes a gift amount.  ECHOage collects all of the gifts and deducts an administrative fee. The balance is split in half.  One half of the proceeds is contributed to a charity of your child’s choice and the other half is returned to you to purchase one meaningful gift.

For his 7th birthday, Benjamin knew what he wanted – the latest Nintendo DS.  He also knew that it’s not just about getting gifts, but also about giving back to help make the world a better place.  And so he ECHOaged his big day.

When asked who he wanted to help, without blinking an eye, he said, “The polar bears.  Because it’s getting hotter in their homes.  They can’t survive the hotness because their ice is melting.”

We couldn’t have said it better Benjamin!  Today, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average and sea ice is disappearing at a record rate.  With the loss of sea ice goes some of the most critical habitat for ice-dependent species, like the polar bear, narwhal and walrus.

Benjamin, you are an inspiration to Winter birthday boys and girls everywhere!   By choosing to help the polar bears, you are helping WWF work to create a healthy, resilient Arctic that can provide a home to wildlife.  Learn more about WWF’s work to save the Last Ice Area.

Want to be a green birthday hero like Benjamin?  You can Echoage your birthday party too!