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WWF and AutoShare make driving an electric vehicle easy for the holidays

WWF-Canada and AutoShare have partnered to promote easy and affordable electric vehicle (EV) use this holiday season. Under the Green Traveller Program, you can register at AutoShare for only $29 (regularly $129) and use an EV for free until January 30, 2013. It’s a great option to replace a regular gas vehicle (maybe even permanently!) or to give as a gift. For more details on this offer, visit http://autoshare.com/EV.html.

Photo credit: Auto Share

Choosing an electric vehicle over a regular car in Ontario has pretty big environmental benefits. A pure electric vehicle produces 60% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than a vehicle of the same size that is powered by gas. Because of this potential, WWF-Canada has identified EVs as an important tool for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from road transportation in Canada and we are working to help make the transition to EVs easier for Canadians.

Renting or test driving an EV is one thing that Canadians can do to help champion WWF-Canada’s transportation work. By supporting companies that are playing a leadership role (like AutoShare) we will inspire even more action!

For more details on why EVs are important in reducing Canada’s transportation-related GHG emissions: http://www.wwf.ca/conservation/global_warming/going_electric/

  • Hi Jen, great to hear that you’re interested. http://www.autoshare.com has all the details about the costs, but the hourly rate includes insurance and energy (electricity or gas), so you don’t pay anything on top of it.

    Elisa, you can find all AutoShare locations here: http://autoshare.com/fleet.php. It looks like there are two different locations in your vicinity.

    Bernard – great to hear! If you do join and use the EV, be sure to let us know! We’d love to hear about your experience!

  • I would like to try this. I am starting my own business and this may be ideal for my needs

  • Elisa Tsui

    Where can I find auto share car? Close to fairview mall in Toronto!

  • I’d love to try this. What are the hidden costs? Insurance? If I already have insurance do I need to get it again? Can we keep the car that whole time?

  • Dennis Urwin

    I think this is a great idea , wish we had this in Northern Ontario

  • Hi May, Glad to hear that you’re interested. To register, please go to AutoShare’s website: http://autoshare.com/EV.html and you can click on the Join Now button. Then all you need to do is enter the promotional code “EVFREE” to get the discounted membership fee and use an EV for free.

  • artsycreation

    If Auto Share like Zipcar cared about saving the environment they would make it cheaper to sign up. I like this offer because I would never sign up for $129.

  • May Fawson

    Yes, I want to participate. do i go to the WWF offices in Toronto?

  • Morel D’Amour

    I would love to participate in this offer. Unfortunately I live nowhere near the GTA.

    I’m way out in the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence. A few electric cars have however made their appearance here.
    An auto-share would be a great idea here as there’s virtually no public transit. Everyone seems to believe they have to own a car. Equals= environmental catastrophy! Not to mention traffic jams…

  • I am eagerly waiting for EV,if it i got free.