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In the market for change: how putting a panda on your credit card can help conserve the environment

It is an exclusive WWF-Canada AIR MILES MasterCard, so you contribute to a healthy planet and receive AIR MILES reward miles at the same time. If you are a bit skeptical, I know the feeling – but worry not! This card does not cost you any more than a regular AIR MILES MasterCard, nor are you charged more on purchases in order to donate.  It’s as if you took the credit card you just used to buy an adoption kit on our online store (hint, hint) and slapped the WWF Panda logo on it!

Leanne Burton, Marketing Alliances Manager, WWF-Canada with her new WWF affinity card. Photo credit: Steph Morgan.

I sat down with my colleague Leanne Burton, Marketing Alliances Manager, to get an understanding of why we partnered with BMO and the advantages of an affinity card for a non-profit. Here’s what she had to say:

“We looked at a few options for this partnership, but we got the sense from BMO that they really care about our mission and cause. Their Clear Blue Skies Strategyoutlining their path to be a leader in environmental responsibility – really impressed us. They’ve also committed to giving our donors quality treatment and helping encourage people to switch over to our card.

“The long term value of this card is incredible. We’re hoping to raise awareness and attract new supporters, on top of bringing in revenue that is not restricted for one particular program. Those types of donations are what allow us to keep operating as a charity and doing the work we do best. It’s great because we have the freedom to choose where the money goes based on our highest needs.”

I also got an impressive ‘outsider’s opinion’ on the card from a friend that works in the credit card business: “The thing I like is that they’ve managed to maintain the value proposition of the rewards program for the customer, with the added benefit of the WWF donation. Not to mention it is a great looking card. It’s definitely a partnership model for other banks interested in cause marketing to seriously consider.”

If you’re interested, you can find more information about applying for the card HERE.  There is a special promotion to earn 400 bonus reward miles if you sign up by February 28th, 2013. Also, check out the National Post tomorrow (Dec.18) for a feature on the Arctic and an ad describing this exciting new card!

** I’m a believer that less is more – the less and more responsibly we consume the better. But even the most environmentally conscious have a credit card – it’s a 21st century necessity. So we might as well make it count!**