WWF-Canada Blog:

Supporting made-in-Canada solutions

It was learning to scuba dive that introduced Roz Ivey to the stunning diversity of marine life and prompted her lifelong commitment to marine conservation.


That’s why she has taken a strong interest in WWF’s work to help protect ocean health. She supports WWF’s ongoing engagement with the Marine Stewardship Council and our efforts to develop best practices for conserving our oceans—for their beauty and wonder as well as for the livelihoods they support.

Roz Ivey.

“People are learning more and more about how ocean sustainability is important for Canada and the world,” says the chair of the Ivey Foundation, a long-time supporter of WWF. “We need to be good at this.”

As overfishing, mismanagement, and climate change put the future of our oceans in danger, Ivey recognizes that it’s the responsibility of countries like Canada to develop sustainable solutions.

“The fisheries are a Canadian story,” she explains. “We need to be showing the world that Canada has expertise to share and to prove that we can overcome the problems that we’ve had with the collapse of the cod fishery 20 years ago.”

Ivey praises WWF’s science-based approach and the passion that drives our work.

“I think WWF is leading the way in coming up with new and novel, innovative ways to help fishermen and everyone and thing that depends on our oceans,” she says. “The opportunity to support the work that’s being done here is really thrilling.”