WWF-Canada Blog:

Never fear, my Granny is here!

By Carly Digweed, WWF-Canada Intern

When I asked my granny – or Oma, in my case – to get involved with WWF’s National Sweater Day, she insisted that she is in no shape to carry a picket sign and march around a big city. It was obvious that I failed to accurately explain her level of involvement in the project. I ensured her there would be no march, only a phone call.

Asking my Oma to choose a cozy sweater and leave a sweet voicemail regarding an issue like climate change is hardly a stretch from asking her to simply carry on with her day. She already calls me weekly with suggestions of upcoming news specials to watch, or sends me clippings from a recent newspaper article she found interesting.

Reflecting on her character, I realized she was the perfect ‘gran’didate; not only did I want her to bundle up on February 7, I wanted her to go full-granny for a day and call the Granny Recruitment Line with some words of wisdom. I had no doubt she would participate in an opportunity to tell others to dress warmly, considering she still calls my 54-year-old mother to warn her of a wind chill, insisting she wear a hat to work.

As I expected, my Oma agreed to go granny and make the call. Listening to her leave a message that encourages others to participate in this event, sounded just as it would if she meant it for any one of her six grandchildren. It was lovely as always, and offered some bits to laugh with as well. And having her dial 1-855-FIND-GRAN on my smartphone was the icing on the cake.

If you would like to share a similar experience with your grandmother, visit sweaterday.com.

  • Mary Blom

    Cute story especially since that Granny is my Mom! Thank goodness the temperatures outside will be balmy this week so my hat stays in the front closet.