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Reward yourself and ensure our planet’s longevity with the BMO WWF-Canada MasterCard this Chinese New Year

It’s not a hongbao (red envelope) but a green card. Kick off the New Year by signing up for the BMO WWF-Canada MasterCard and contribute to a healthy planet.

BMO recently launched this Affinity Card in partnership with WWF-Canada to give customers an easy way to support the conservation organization. Each time a card holder makes a purchase, a percentage of the transaction goes directly to WWF-Canada. Customers can also earn AIR MILES®† reward miles or get CashBack rewards. The card is accepted at nearly 30 million locations worldwide including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. As a special promotion, sign up for the card before February 28th and earn 400 Bonus reward miles after your first card purchase.


“These types of donations allow us to do important conservation work in order to ensure a prosperous and healthy natural environment for our children. The panda is WWF’s unique logo and we have been working on giant panda conservation since 1980. With the panda featured so prominently on this card, you can use it with pride and show everyone you’re supporting a great cause,” says Hadley Archer, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at WWF-Canada.

Find out more by visiting: www.bmo.com/wwfnewyear

panda for chinese new year


(C) Michel Gunther, WWF-Canon 




BMO与WWF最近合伙推出这张具亲和力的卡以让顾客有一个容易的途径支持这个环保组织。每当持卡人作出一项购买,此交易的某个百分比将会直接发给WWF。客户还可以赚取航空里程奖励(AIR MILES)或获得现金返还奖励。此卡在世界各地都被接受,包括中国大陆,香港和台湾。作为一项特殊的促销活动,在2月28前注册此卡,并获得额外奖励里程400分。

“这种捐助能让我们做环保工作以确保我们的子孙有一个繁荣健康的自然环境。熊猫是WWF独特的标志,自1980年以来我们已对大熊猫开始了保育工作。有了熊猫如此显着的特征这张卡上,您可以骄傲的使用它,并且告诉大家你正在支持一项伟大的事业。”WWF的战略合作伙伴关系副总裁Hadley Archer如此说。