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Celebrating National Sweater Day at Bullfrog Power Inc.

By Sarah Bertollo, Corporate Account Manager at Bullfrog Power Inc.

Last week, we at Bullfrog Power all dug deep into our closets to find our most granny or grandpa-style sweater in order to properly celebrate National Sweater Day.  We had some pretty wild sweaters parading around the office all day – there was a competition on for best “golden years” sweater and some people took it pretty seriously!  Competition was also fierce in our energy trivia challenge where we sent out Sweater Day trivia questions to the Bullfrog staff during the week leading up to the big day.  With grand prizes of ‘tea and cookie’ gift cards from our local coffee shop, we managed to get the entire office engaged in Sweater Day festivities.

Bullfrog 1

We also started the morning off with a porridge buffet (a huge crockpot of oatmeal with all the fixings on the side) in order to brace ourselves for the cooler temperatures, and ended the day with a tea party that included: different kinds of tea in various hand-me-down teapots, scotch mints, licorice allsorts, and digestive cookies – basically anything that reminded us of being at our grandparents’ houses!   Maybe it was because we were all in sweaters, or maybe it was the sheer excitement of National Sweater Day, but nobody seemed to notice that it was a bit cooler in the office.

Bullfrog 2

Using an energy monitor, we calculated an energy savings of 154.5 KWh for the day by not using a few space heaters we have around the office, and we also reduced the heat on our central heating units for the entire day as well.  While we may not have saved a crazy amount of energy over the course of the day, we realized that it might just be possible to turn the heat down more often – and who knows – we may just end up wearing granny-style sweaters more often too!

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