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Cast your vote: Which colour should our (amazing) volunteers wear?

The 23rd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb is coming up on April 25 and 27 and we cannot WAIT to see all of your beautiful faces bright and early at the base of the tower.

But! This event would come grinding to a halt if we didn’t have the help of more than 450 amazing volunteers who do everything from greeting climbers as they enter the stairwell to giving high fives and recording climb times at the finish line and everything in between.

So our volunteers need to stand out from the crowd! They need to be outfitted in something eye-catching, jazzy and colourful and we would love YOUR help in deciding which colour T-shirt the group will be sporting.

We have four T-shirt colours to choose from – green, yellow, red and blue. Which is your favourite?

Steph red

Steph Morgan, Coordinator, Partnerships & Development at WWF-Canada models the red option.

Katie yellow

Me – In yellow.

Mark Blue

Mark D’Angelo, Senior Support Analyst at WWF-Canada showcases the blue number.

Heather red

Heather Crochetiere, Administrative Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships and Development, in green.

Tell us your vote! 


  • YELLOW all the way!

    Our awesome lifeguard team is wearing Red for the Team climb! You don’t want to have the volunteers mistaken for cute lifeguards 🙂

  • hibah

    yellow demands attention!

  • Teresa Liu

    Green, definitely!

  • Shin Ae Kim

    I like BLUE!!!!!>.<

  • AS you can see there are many votes for the green and the yellow. I agree with the yellow t shirt for standing out but if your looking for the nature look go with the green. But i say put both of them together by wearing the green t shirt with yellow ribbons, symbols on it.

  • Some Guy

    Blue like the sky

  • Nancy McInnis

    They are all great colours, but my favourite is yellow.

  • Jen

    Yellow! Like the sunshine. It’s bright and will definitely get everyone’s attention.

  • Joshua Barrera

    GREEN!… it would be nice to be able to wear this awesome shirt with the WWF logo after the event

  • i go with green its best

  • Sabrina

    Green or red, both can be great colours! Tell me when it is decided please.

  • Boots

    Green for sure! Naturey and reflects the cause!

  • Brianna Giovannini

    Green!! My favourite colour for so many reasons 🙂

  • Britney

    I am lovin’ the green!

  • Lucy Luk

    I like Green color……. ^_^

  • L

    Green is indeed fitting, but yellow is easier to spot…..

  • Melissa

    Green! Green for trees!

  • Patsy Morgan

    Red is very Canadian!!!
    What colour did you use last year?

  • Charity Ellis

    I don’t see a pink one. But it would be a great color to wear to support antibullying

  • Bob Loveless

    Definitely GREEN for nature and the environment

  • Alison Baron

    Green I think is the most fitting 🙂

  • Monica

    At first I wanted red- it’s my favourite colour.. But then I saw green, with the WWF sign and realized how perfect it was! So green, definitely green!

  • Simon

    All colors are nice but I suggest green!

  • Eric

    Sorry are we voting on who we’d like to date in a Dream Date’ contest? Because I wouldn’t be able to choose from the three lovely ladies.

    But if I had to choose the colour of t-shirts, I’d say yellow.


  • Odila C

    All the colours are nice. But I love green n since the theme is nature…all the more appropriate

  • Mallory

    GREEN!!!! Looks the best!

  • Purple … er … that was Harry’s vote LOL 🙂 Going for GREEN!!!

  • Patricia

    Blue! …like the sky…the sky is our umbrella…protects all is red, green & yellow!

  • Stephano Pandavas

    !!!!! Green is the way to go !!!!!

  • definitely yellow!

  • Amandeep S Sawhney

    Green, that’s the symbol to save earth and color of mother nature so the closest to any conservation society. So i would vote for Green color.

  • shelley

    Red for sure……!

  • Donald

    Green, the colour of nature.

  • Dugan

    Red! Canadian and nice and bright!

  • Christine

    Bluuuueeeee for the ocean and the sky:) !!!!!

  • cas

    definitely GREEN!!! 🙂 it’s bright & closest to connecting with nature/earth (going green, thinking about our environment & wildlife) ….plus, the other colors all have ties to other causes so would be good to not distract from yours! 🙂

  • Go with GREEN!

    I don’t know why the site did not accept my comment.
    It said it was not long enough.
    What is long enough and why?

  • Tor

    Yellow!!!!! That way everyone stands out amongst the climbers!

  • Carla Martella

    They all look great, but I have to say that the YELLOW gets my vote!!