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Earth Hour Team Captain: Rob Viscount, workplace champion

By Carly Digweed, Communications Intern, WWF-Canada

What is your role in carrying out Earth Hour at Johnson?

I’ve been with Johnson now for a little under two years. A month into my role, there was a need for a leader of our Green Committee, so I decided to step up. This is an important role for our Green Committee, as it reaches our offices Canada-wide. That said, my role in this capacity is to initiate a variety of green events throughout the year.

What kind of ongoing environmental actions does your office participate in?

Right now we have Climate Week happening. This is where staff members participate in five different environmentally conscious events throughout the week, and successful participants are entered into a prize draw. But we also have others throughout the year:  Waste Reduction Week, Earth Hour, and a Christmas Sale.

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Do you have a favourite?

The Christmas Sale is a lot of fun. We started this in 2011, and have staff members bring in decorations they no longer use, to sell to other staff members. All financial proceeds go to a number of charities across the country, and any unsold decorations are donated to charities that could use them. It helps to reduce the waste created by unwanted household items as well as reduces the amount of new decorations being purchased; we’re helping our individual footprints, and organizations in need.

What does your office normally do to celebrate Earth Hour?

Earth Hour takes place during off-hours for us, so we mostly encourage people to participate at home with their families. We do this by providing staff with informative materials, addressing the impact of Earth Hour and what it means. We also offer an activity checklist for staff to consider when participating at home.

How do you think Earth Hour resonates in this community year-round?

We hope that by encouraging small daily actions, these efforts translate into habit. As I mentioned before, we try to tie together environment and family, hoping that people connect the two, and focus on the bigger picture.

Do you have a favourite Earth Hour memory?

My experience with Earth Hour last year is a memory that stands out. My girlfriend and I got together with family, shut off all the lights and played cards by candlelight. I think what I particularly enjoyed about this night was that it was distraction-free. We turned off all of our electronics and simply enjoyed each other’s company.

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‘The Earth Hour Team Captains’ blog series highlights on-the-ground leaders who are making a difference in communities all over Canada. Championing the spirit of Earth Hour with year-round actions, these individuals are making strides toward a greener future.