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The Revolution Movie

By filmmaker and eco-warrior, Rob Stewart. 

I used to think saving sharks was the most important issue on the planet, but after Sharkwater was released, I met with numerous scientists and conservationists who told me: “What you’re doing is great, but you’re missing the point. We’re going to lose everything, and if we do, there won’t be any sharks left to save. By the middle of this century, we could have no fish in the sea, no coral reefs, no rainforests, nine billion people without enough food, and a planet that can’t sustain many forms of life.” That’s when I set out to make Revolution.

revolution movie

As a follow-up film to Sharkwater, Revolution continues my journey through fifteen countries over the course of four years. Revolution is a story of the evolution of life on earth and the revolution needed to save it. The film follows me ripping around the world, getting in trouble, figuring out what’s happening on this planet, and trying to get people to understand that we need to protect the earth. From coral eden in Papua New Guinea, deforestation in Madagascar, to the largest and most destructive environmental project in history in Alberta, Canada, I discovered that it is not only sharks that are in grave danger, but humanity itself. All of our actions are interconnected, and environmental degradation, species loss, ocean acidification, pollution, and food and water scarcity are all indications of Earth’s escalating inability to house humans. Humanity is on the verge of either eliminating or saving itself. Forty percent of phytoplankton, which gives us half of the oxygen we breathe, is gone. The oceans are thirty percent more acidic than they were thirty years ago, and four of the last five major extinctions that wiped most life off the planet were caused by ocean acidification. We are facing extinction now.

My goal is to spread the word by sharing Revolution with one billion people around the world. Only through education can we inspire essential change. Revolution is startling, beautiful, and provocative, and I hope that it inspires audiences to start a revolution. Just as with Sharkwater, my goal with Revolution is to show people just how beautiful the world is, because maybe then they’ll care about losing it. Please help me get this revolution started by sharing the official TRAILER.

Take your kids and grandkids, your parents, and grandparents… take everyone you love and care about. Enjoy the fun and adventure of working together with family and friends to come up with creative solutions and actions for our beautiful planet.

I can’t do this on my own – let’s change the world together!

Our change-the-world challenge to YOU:

1. Watch the Revolution trailer: http://youtu.be/UxcophNGLdg

2. Share the trailer with everyone you know!

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  • I saw this film tonight at Richmond Silver City. Incredible. Some parts were really hard to watch but I believe every child and parent needs to see this movie. What can we do to stop the oil sand excavation in Alberta? What can we do to stop coal burning in China? It’s pretty simple, as consumers we keep corporations alive. We may only get a chance to vote every four years but we make purchasing decisions every day. Well done Rob, your movie made be both proud and ashamed to be Canadian but mostly it inspired me to do more. Thank you.