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Vancouver, our 2013 Global Earth Hour Capital!

Congratulations Vancouver!  Today, WWF announced that Vancouver has been crowned the Global Earth Hour Capital for 2013, a prestigious honour that recognizes the city’s innovative actions on climate change and dedication to create a sustainable, vibrant urban environment.  Vancouver was also named the People’s Choice winner, scooping the highest number of online votes.

Andrea Reimer and Martha Delgado



















Juror Martha Delgado names Vancouver, represented by Councilor Andrea Reimer, the Global Earth Hour Capital © WWF

“Being named the WWF’s Global Earth Hour Capital is an exceptional honour for Vancouver and more international validation of our comprehensive efforts to be the world’s greenest city,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Even as national governments fail to act, it’s essential that cities continue to lead the way in confronting climate change, and Vancouver’s progress demonstrates that building a greener city also fosters a stronger local economy.”

After carefully reviewing the merits of the six finalists, the Earth Hour City Challenge  jury of experts unanimously cast their votes for Vancouver as the first ever Global Earth Hour Capital. Also in the running for the title were finalists Forlì, Italy; New Delhi, India; Oslo, Norway; Uppsala, Sweden; and San Francisco, USA.

“Local governments around the world are striving to create attractive, smart cities while tackling a multitude of urgent environmental challenges,” said Jim Leape, Director General of WWF-International. “Vancouver can serve as a role model for how cities can engage residents in these efforts, thereby accelerating the transition towards low carbon development. I applaud Vancouver’s vision and innovation. More cities everywhere need to find inspiration in the bold initiatives of Vancouver and the other finalists and build on them, bringing climate action at the scale and speed necessary to secure sustainable, attractive lifestyles for people across the planet.”

  • Marge

    Great stuff, Vancouver! I’m always proud of the city in which I spent my informative years! Keep keeping your eyes on planet care. From Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

  • Thomas

    Congratulation from Toronto

  • Mark Nye

    Congradulations Vancouver,job well done,happy the winner is Canadian,Vancouverites can be proud,thank you.

  • karl probst

    Congratulations from Ontario, i knew there was a reason everyone wants to move to Vancouver!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Congratulations Vancouver – job well done!

  • Jo-Ann Holt

    Way to go, Vancouver!!!

  • Guionnet Francine

    Congratulations Vancouver from Québec

  • sherri

    Congrats to Vancouver for such great effort…many people I spoke to here in Lower Sackville, NS have never even heard of earth hour, and we’re much smaller than you. You should be very proud that so many citizens care that much to help heal our hurt planet. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Jill

    Congratulations Vancouver on a job well done. I live in Calgary and it is embarassing to say the least that this city is such a poor example of paying any attention to Earth Hour 🙁

  • Cathie

    Vancouver always seems to be the leader. I would love to see Markham Ontario start to lead.

  • Daykin & Melissa Neely

    This is the way to go! WELL DONE! Vancouver has sent an awesome example. Congratulations. Arnprior, Ontario

  • Alvena Pauls

    Congratulations Vancouver, a job well done, Keep it up.

  • Jean Soliman &Dave Lindsay


  • May Fawson

    Congratulations Vancouver. May you inspire the rest of us to try to be as good next year. Really proud of you.

  • Patricia

    Congratulations from Vernon, Okanagan, BC.

  • Pat Verma

    Great work, Congratulations Vancouver. But this is only a tiny beginning. A lot more work needs to be done. Lets do it.

  • Kevin Zhang

    Congratulations,Vancouver!!!!!!! Way to go! WELL DONE Bravo

  • Irene Villanueva

    Congrats to Vancouver, Bravo!

  • L Leeman

    Oops..1.6 MILLION motor vehicles x 5 tons CO2 per annum.

  • L Leeman

    Living in Vancouver, I can tell you this.

    If the Vision Vancouver zealots could manage to remove every car from the streets of Metro Vancouver ( 1.6 million vehicles ), even at ludicrous cost, and we ALL rode bikes ( never gonna happen ), we could offset 1.6 x 5 tons CO2 per annum.
    That’s equivalent to MAYBE half a coal fired electric plant, of which ( according to the Guardian ), China builds and plans 363 ( 1 completed each 5 days). India is just getting started on 455. Worldwide, including the coal plants that Germany is building to make its wind farms viable, and to replace the nuclear capacity it no longer wants to have, the Guardian estimates about 1000 coal plants on the horizon.

    So please, please tell me how crippling Vancouver’s movement of goods and people to offset half of one of these 1000 plants makes any sense.

    OH and while you are at it, please remember you have to sequester FOREVER rather than divert for sale to American or Chinese cars, the fuel those 1.6 million vehicles WOULD HAVE USED else the carbon offset is less than zero.

  • Bravo! Congratulations from Ontario.

  • Bravo! Congratulations from Ontario 🙂

  • Congratulations Vancouver !
    What a way to go !
    What a wonderful example you set to the rest of the world.
    Kind regards from Africa