WWF-Canada Blog:

Bringing Curiosity back to Earth

By Inderjit Deogun

Thanks to Commander Chris Hadfield and his Twitter account, @Cmdr_Hadfield, that has all changed. Ever since arriving on board the International Space Station, Commander Hadfield has been posting phenomenal aerial pictures of Earth. The images he shares are of cities, countries and oceans from all across the globe and have me seeing the world like I never have before.

Hadfield Earth Hour

Tonight’s Finale: Dawn sneaking in under the Northern Lights. When we turn our lights down, nature lights up the sky. @Cmdr_Hadfield tweeted during Earth Hour on March 23, 2013.

Commander Hadfield’s pictures have reignited in me the desire to explore our world. Australia, Egypt and Italy are just a few of the places I absolutely must see with my own two eyes. (Pictures just won’t do.) However, my desire to travel isn’t just about exploring beyond our borders but also within them.

We all know Canada has a lot to offer and the only way I can think of doing it justice is by going cross-country on Via Rail. Stopping off at each province and territory to take in its natural wonders from Prince Edward Island’s Singing Sands to Alberta’s Graveyard of the Dinosaurs to British Columbia’s Giants of the Forest.

Like many of you, I’m fighting to not only stop but also reverse decades of heedless consumption and growth. But even environmental defenders need to be recharged, and there’s no better way of doing that then stepping out into the natural world with eyes wide open.