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In the market for change: HP promotes supporting WWF and energy conservation during Earth month

The other day I received an excited call from my mom. The household electricity bills had been through the roof, so they had an expert go in to figure out why. He gave them great tips like unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use and keeping phones off chargers when they don’t need it. But the biggest electricity guzzler in the house was the old refrigerator. “Your dad and I went to buy an energy efficient fridge that same day,” she said proudly.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Cause Related Marketing (CRM), where ‘for profit’ companies team up with NGOs to market and give to a good cause at the same time. I’m biased, but a great example of this is WWF’s affinity card with BMO. Now WWF and HP have flipped this idea on its head to offer you incentive to support conservation efforts and energy efficient technology, which in turn benefits the planet.

Business and environment

During the month of April (Earth month!), when you donate $10 to WWF-Canada you’ll receive a $50 eCoupon toward any HP ENERGY STAR® qualified laptop, desktop, printer or display. I was chatting with my colleague Leanne Burton, Marketing Alliances Manager, about this promotion and why these kinds of relationships are important to the work we do at WWF.

“I’m excited about this different way of approaching CRM because it brings our conservation work to the forefront,” explains Leanne. “Typically when we do these things, we ask people to purchase a certain product with partial proceeds going to WWF. In this case we’re providing incentive for a donation, allowing us the opportunity to highlight our conservation efforts. At the same time, we are showcasing a product that we believe in from our friends at HP.”

HPHow does all of this relate to my mom’s revelation? Well, every little bit helps when it comes to conserving our planet – buying energy efficient products is one way we can help the environment and our wallets. HP ENERGY STAR® qualified products use about half as much electricity as regular products, use 40-75% less energy in ‘sleep’ mode, and produce less heat to reduce cooling loads by up to 15%. So if you want donate to a great cause or improve the energy efficiency of your home or office – this is your chance to do both.

Take advantage of this great offer and give your daughter (or son, parents, cousins, friends, strangers) a call to share the limited time promotion – you should be proud and excited about supporting WWF and switching to energy efficient technology.

Check out the deal HERE et ICI.