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Team Climb-It Smart Training Log – Baldwin Steps

 When you look up at the Baldwin St steps, the thought of making it to the top can be overwhelming. But once you make it to the top, you realize that those 110 steps were nothing!


Location: Casa Loma (Spadina and Davenport), Toronto, ON

Number of stairs: 110

Strategy: Climb up and down 10 times = 1,100 steps!


These stairs are right in the city, making it just a short TTC trip away from the office. No excuses to skip our training when the stairs are so close and easy to get to. You also get to walk by Casa Loma, which is pretty fantastic, because let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned castle?

Likes: There was enough space at these stairs so you didn’t interfere with anyone else’s work out, or have them interfere with yours.

Dislikes: There’s only 110 steps per climb so it means you’ve gotta climb those babies many times. Turn it into an extra challenge like we did by doing pushups, dips and crunches (or your own moves!) between each climb!


It seems to be a theme – where there are stairs, there are crazy-motivated people exercising on them! So again, it was encouraging to have other people around (they also make great photographers when you need a shot at the top of the stairs to send to us…).

Likes: The best part is seeing the CN Tower from the top. You and me tower…challenge accepted.

Dislikes: Having to go down the stairs so many times.

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