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You’re hot then you’re cold: Swimming in the ocean

Why do I love the Ocean? One word: Diversity. It is an ever changing place that we know so little about. This mystery and excitement have kept people intrigued for centuries and we continue to explore today – discovering incredible things and realizing how fragile and delicately balanced it all is. I feel lucky to have gotten to explore a bit myself…

In 2010, I travelled down south to Ecuador to visit the Galapagos Islands, where I snorkeled and played with baby sea lions, and hung out with the only marine iguanas in the world.

A friend on the beach and in the water (nope, that’s not photo-shopped!):

Steph Sea lion

A silly glamour shot that the field scientist in me shakes her head at, but the iguanas are so cool:

Steph iguana

I also had the great pleasure to visit the Arctic that year, and was crazy enough to jump into that frigid water – home to belugas, narwhal, polar bears, plankton.

Reasonable Arctic attire:

steph artic ocean

Crazy person attire:

steph artic ocean1