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Check out the new BC freshwater ads!

In the midst of summer there are few better things to do than to get out and enjoy the water. We at WWF-Canada think that water is a pretty special thing so this summer we are running a series of ads on the public transit system in Vancouver with a simple ask: as you sit by the beach or paddle a river take a second to reflect on what is needed to make our rivers and lakes healthy.

Check out the ad:

bc ad

When you are connecting back to the net why not share a photo on our Facebook page about why water is an important part of your life.

james c 2

© iStockphoto.com/rodehi

Or even snap a shot of where you saw the advert as our summer intern Thomas Williams did. Better yet, follow the QR code found in the advertisement to our video featuring freshwater ambassador Scott Niedermayer on why maintaining environmental flow is a critical part of protecting our rivers.

So get out and enjoy the bounty nature has to offer, but please remember to respect and protect our most precious resource, fresh water.