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Last call to help restore Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River

We need your help.  This week is your last chance to show your support for Plan 2014, a balanced approach to managing Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River that will help improve the health of these waters.  The International Joint Commission (IJC) is accepting comments on Plan 2014 from the public until Friday, August 30 – and to make it simple, we’ve prepared some comments that you can easily submit to the IJC.

ParhizgarF_20080609_050 Blue waters of Port Hope harbour, and the lighthouse, Lake Ontario ©Frank PARHIZGAR / WWF-Canada

Want to know more about this important decision?  Check WWF’s testimony on why we support Plan 2014, which we presented to the IJC in July.  You can also read the beautiful stories of why the waters in this region are so important, from people who live in the area:  Senator Bob Runciman took the time to talk about the importance of the St. Lawrence River to his constituents’ livelihoods, and Virginia Elliott  spoke to us about the importance of the river and a healthy environment for our lifestyle and communities.  In addition to supporting local communities and industry, Plan 2014 will help create a healthier habitat for wildlife species in the Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, including river otters and beluga whales.

Your voice matters.  Like Senator Runciman, Virginia and many others, please use it to help restore Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River today by showing your support for Plan 2014.

And on behalf of everyone here at WWF-Canada, thanks so much for your help!