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WWF Club at Queen’s University Cleans Up in Kingston

WWF-Canada Campus Clubs exist to support WWF’s conservation work and raise public awareness about the environmental challenges Canadians face together. We’re so excited to welcome Queen’s to the Campus Club community this fall; they’ve already got their feet wet and their hands dirty with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! Olivia Geen, a 4th year Life Science student, is co-president of the Queen’s University club and recaps their cleanup for us here.

Fireworks? Overalls? Flooring? What do these things all have in common? The fact that they were all pulled from the Kingston waterfront during WWF-Queen’s first-ever Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! Yes, you might say Sunday mornings at 10:00am are usually reserved by university students for sleeping in bed soundly. Not so, however, on September 22nd, when 22 Queen’s students made their way down to the cleanup site, excited and ready to start scouring the shoreline for discarded trash.



Did you know that recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for four hours? Our volunteers didn’t know this until finding a hidden item around our site that contained this fascinating fact. As part of a “treasure hunt” we designed, the race was on to find both garbage and environmental facts, with volunteers working together in teams to find the most to win a WWF backpack!

Teamwork, learning, environmental action, laughter, dedicated volunteers and our amazing executive team made our Shoreline Cleanup a success. With tuition and bills to pay, many university students might wish they’d win the lottery to help make their journey to a bright future that much easier. Well, to all my fellow students I say, Congratulations! WWF has already invested $10 billion in your future; since 1961 they have conducted more than 13,000 projects helping to make your world — our world — a better place. We at WWF-Queen’s are proud to do our part to support WWF-Canada and their work, and we can’t wait until the next Shoreline Cleanup in 2014!



The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited and a joint conservation initiative of Vancouver Aquarium and WWF, takes place from September 21–29. It’s not too late to join an existing cleanup in your community — register at ShorelineCleanup.ca.

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