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Trevor Greene: Canadian for the Great Bear

“My name is Captain Trevor Greene and I am a Canadian for the Great Bear. I think the Northern Gateway Project isn’t in Canada’s best interests as the government claims, and will irreversibly harm  the Great Bear, as well as First Nations lifestyle. Today I’m asking all Canadians to join with me in standing up for the Great Bear.”

Captain Trevor Greene is a decorated veteran with twelve years of highly regarded service in the Canadian Armed Forces, including Afghanistan. Deployed there in 2006 as a member of the Civilian-Military Cooperation unit, Captain Greene was wounded during a community meeting with local elders outside of Kandahar. Having removed his helmet and set aside his weapon as a sign of trust and respect, Trevor was struck in the head from behind by a young man with an axe. He spent more than two years in hospital rehabilitating in a specialized brain injury facility in Alberta.

(c) WWF-Canada

(c) WWF-Canada

In 2009, Trevor was decorated with the sacrifice medal by Governor General Michaelle Jean in Ottawa and two years later received the Courage to Come Back Award in the Physical Rehabilitation category. He now lives in Nanaimo, B.C. with his daughter Grace, son Noah and wife Debbie, where he continues his daily regime of physical therapy to regain complete independence. He speaks three languages, is a published author. He is also a Canadian for the Great Bear.

Join Captain Greene and take a stand for this irreplaceable Canadian treasure. Add your name: askacanadian.ca