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Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School: Canadians for the Great Bear

“We are a grade 11 Biology class from Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario and we are opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Although we live in Ontario, this project affects us directly because it may negatively impact our economy if a spill happens and more importantly, it has the potential to destroy a sacred and beautiful part of our country, where Spirit Bears roam and where marine mammals thrive, and this is simply not fair. Our generation and our future generations deserve to experience and take part in this rare environment and that means it needs to remain intact. Even though our families are relatively new to Canada, we want to stand united with the First Nations of this country in opposition to this project. Today we ask our fellow students and all Canadians to stand up for the Great Bear.”

Student's at Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School adding their names to support WWF's "Ask a Canadian" Campaign (c)  Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School

Students at Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School adding their names to support WWF’s “Ask a Canadian” Campaign (c) Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School

Kelli Hazzard is a biology teacher at Fletcher’s Meadows Secondary in Brampton, Ontario. Every term, Kelli engages her students with a biologically-based activism project that teaches them the importance of biology and nature outside the classroom. In the spring of 2012, Kelli and 27 of her Grade 11 students, decided to support WWF-Canada and Coastal First Nations of B.C on the Canadians for the Great Bear campaign. The students raised money for the campaign and delivered a petition with more than 500 signatures to the Prime Minister’s office calling for protection of the Great Bear. Most impressive yet, Kelli and her students each researched and wrote letters to the Federal Joint Review Panel, which is tasked with assessing the merits of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline project. Because of their efforts, dedication, and passion for Canada’s natural places, Kelli and her students are all Canadians for the Great Bear.

© WWF-Canada

© WWF-Canada

Join the students of Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School and Canadians across the country. This is no place for oil pipelines and tankers. Add your name: askacanadian.ca