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Introducing…Monarch Butterfly Week!

If you enjoyed Polar Bear Week with us back in February, get ready for Monarch Butterfly Week! From May 5 through 9, we are going to be sharing amazing stories, facts and photos with you about monarchs as well as hosting a live conversation with scientists and experts. This is all part of our effort to raise critical funds to conserve the monarch’s wintering habitat in Mexico, while raising awareness about what we can do in our own backyards and school gardens to help this iconic North American species.

Monarch butterfly

Danaus plexippus Monarch butterfly on flower.© Kevin Schafer / WWF-Canon

Monarch Butterfly Week will feature:

#ButterflyWeek fun factoids and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram –  How is the monarch able to travel up to 8,000 km per year as part of their annual migration? Get the facts and be on the lookout for our trivia contest!

Monarch stories on our blog – check out our daily posts to learn all about the monarch life cycle, why their population is seeing dramatic decline, what WWF is doing to conserve their habitat across North America and what you can do help.

A Google Hangout about monarchs at 1:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 8, where you get to join a live conversation with our experts and ask them questions! Send your questions in advance to live@wwfcanada.org. The Google Hangout will feature:

–          Steven Price, Senior Director of Conservation Science and Practice, WWF-Canada
–          Jorge Rickards G., Conservation Director, WWF Mexico
–          Dr. Karen S. Oberhauser, Associate Professor, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota
–          Laurel Merriam, teacher, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Why should you be excited for Monarch Butterfly Week?
Because you want to learn about the monarch butterfly and how you can help recover this beautiful species from a dangerous decline. And because there has never been a better time to get involved! An anonymous donor has agreed to match 100% of the funds raised for important conservation work in Mexico during Monarch Butterfly Week, so this is your chance to make twice the difference.

Check back on our blog or our website over the next few weeks for more on Monarch Butterfly Week (May 5-9)!